The Artwork

Heart in a Jar

Throughout the book, inspired by the words, are images of symbolism embedded in Ada’s Legend.The book is a skillfully rendered visual tribute to inner struggle and the awakening of the amazing nature of the human spirit.

Broken Pain

Excerpt from the book:

Ada felt the burning in her cheeks. "You're wrong, I'm nothing like my mother. I wouldn't leave my kid with a friend who dumps her in foster care."

"I thought it would be the safest place for you."

"Oh, I see. Where's the duty in that? No thought goes into healing strangers. It's just the right thing to do. What if one of those guys you think it's your duty to heal happens to be a sick pervert and the only thing that's keeping him from forcing himself on some girl is the pain and coughing from his rotting lungs, so you save the freak and screw over the girl?" She shoved her headphones in her pack and slipped it on.

"Ada, I'm sorry you've been exposed to such things," Jessie said softening her tone as Ada made her way to the door. "You can't mistrust all of humanity because of one person's failings. I could just as easily heal a person who helps kids in bad situations."

"Whatever! I don't believe in duty. I make my own choices." Ada slammed the door behind her sending a group of birds fluttering into flight.

Ada, Legend of a Healer - image from the book - alone

"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not. The best of beauty is a finer charm than skill in surfaces, in outlines, or rules of art can ever teach, namely, a radiation from the work of art of human character,-a wonderful expression through stone, or canvas, or musical sound, of the deepest and simplest attributes of our nature, and therefore most intelligible at last to those souls which have these attributes."

--Ralph Waldo Emerson Art - Essays: First Series

The book is a journey of human growth, through a fable and artwork.

"Questions raised for the reader -some are given at the back of the book--certainly leave no room for easy answers, just like real life. And that, I suppose, is why I couldn't stop reading; the author convincingly portrays a questioning girl in a questionable world; a girl with power to heal and honesty to know she can't heal everyone; with care and concern hiding beneath her shell; and with hope, though I'll have to read the next book to know where that hope might lead her. "

--S. Deeth - Review for Ada, Legend of a Healer

Ada, Legend of a Healer - falling in France

Falling in France

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