The Author

R.A. McDonald grew up in the Pacific Northwest and continues to reside there with her Husband, two children, and dogs.

Since she was a child, reading about foreign lands and people, as well as their beliefs, traditions and languages has captivated her. The possibility of being able to travel to those far off places was a dream.

It wasn't until late in college while seeking a dual major in Humanities and French that she finally realized words and writing were a way to travel to any land, real or imaginary.

This Book was written by R.A. McDonald after spending numerous years studying philosophy and different cultures. It is a culmination of a humanities degree and years of experiencing different ways of life.

There are some dark themes in this book, but only elaborated upon to extract the point needed.It is with great hope that the reader of the book takes with them an appreciation for the gifts given to them.

Stay tuned for the next book in this Legendary Book Series.

The Author of Ada, Legend of a Healer - R.A. McDonald