The Questions

"Questions are the beginning of knowledge, and the questions in the book will provide some people the desire to further seek knowledge."

Below are questions from the book which have been answered by various people. If you feel you have strong answers to these questions and would like to post your answers here, please mail your answers to

Question 1:

If you had the power to heal, do you feel it would be your duty to help as many people as you can? Jessie believes a healer should heal everyone they can. Ada believes careful thought and personal choice should be what direct a healer. What do you think?

Question 2:

Jessie says that for the first time she understands why some things should be forced in order to help humanity as a whole. Should the betterment of humanity be considered more important than the rights of an individual?

Question 3:

When Ada hit the boy in the head with a bat she was sent away. Should she have handled this situation differently? If so, how?

Question 4:

Ada tells Professor Strathern that sickness is around for a reason and that she's not interested in helping him turn the world into standing room only. Would the world become standing room only if sickness and injury were gone?

Question 5:

Professor Strathern believes that if humanity was free of sickness people would follow and accept laws on population control. Ada doesn't believe effective laws could be put in place by politicians like Senator Grimes. What do you think?

Question 6:

Ada makes the comment, “Downtown was safe to disappear in during the day, but deadly, or worse at night.” How can a location be safe during the day and unsafe at night? Does this idea apply to all cities? What does this say about a community and its priorities?

Question 7:

How much is the mind involved in the healing process? Does today's health care system support and encourage this inner practice?

Question 8:

What did Madame Cornot mean when she said the nurses and doctors only see her as cancer?

Question 9:

Why does strong will represent freedom to Ada? What has to go hand in hand with a strong will to make it positive or beneficial? What do you believe true freedom is?