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"This coming-of-age story heavily drew me in when Ada had to choose for herself how her life was going to play out once she discovered her unusual powers."

--The Feathered Quill

"This book certainly has all the attributes of a YA book. However, the ethical and moral issues addressed in the book are a proxy for some larger societal issues, much in the same way that "Huckleberry Finn" might have been classified a YA book by today's standards, and yet it was as much a proxy in its time as "Ada" is in ours. "

--Lonnie E. Holder

"Everyone that reads it, can not stop until they are done. Thank you very much for the copies. It is going into our library and I believe it will help many start a meaningful conversation."

--Oregon Youth Authority

"The author brings Ada to life in the minds eye in so many ways. Her emotions are laid bare before the reader and you can feel the aching of her heart... "

--Midwest Book Review

"I know a book is wonderful when I read it straight through, and have trouble putting it down, and Ada: Legend of a Healer is a page-turner! This book deeply touches my heart.. "

"R.A. McDonald introduces topics that should be the start of some very good discussions: does having the ability to help someone obligate you to help that person? How does one decide who is "deserving" of help, and how should that distinction be made? What right does the government have to be involved in a citizen's life, if that citizen has resources or abilities that can benefit a large number of people? "

--Sharon Lynch

"I loved Ada's story. I read it almost completely in one sitting. I liked Ada, and admired her will power and strength. We didn't see eye to eye on everything, and I thought she was immature and disrespectful at times, but I could still relate to her well enough that I couldn't hate her for it. "

--Haley Mathiot

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